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On the top portion of the chart, you can see different perspectives of the drive selected.
Download JDiskReport, windows, related Topics: Disk Analyser, Freewares, JdiskReport 5 Comments.Right-click on the drive whose storage space left you want to check, and choose ".The Size Distribution tab shows the distribution of files in client the drive based on the size.You can also click a file extension in product the list to see exactly where files of that type are located in the treemap view. .Multimedia files (like iTunes TV shows and movies) take disk space in big chunks of 500 Mb (megabytes) to 1 Gb (gigabyte).WinDirStat is our bittorrent preferred episode tool, and its probably all youll need.When your hard drive starts to fill up, you dont have to dig through File Explorer to see whats using space.It runs as a portable application, too.As in the other applications here, you can right-click files or folders in the application to delete or open them.Follow these simple steps to check " used vuze space " and " free space " on a drive: First, open Windows Explorer: right-click on the Start button and choose ".JDiskReport shows you the result in pie chart form which is quite handy at moments when we want to have a whole look at the hard drives disk usage.Related: 7 Ways To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows.Details then, right-click on any of the column headers, as shown on the screenshot, to choose additional columns of information to display about your drives (both computer hard drive(s) and external storage devices).TreeSize Free Has a Slick Interface, if you want something simpler than product WinDirStat, TreeSize Free is a good alternative.Ever wondered why your hard disk is full?You can then make windows an informed decision about what to remove and quickly free up space.Properties installer the drive's, properties window opens, on the, general tab (selected by default Windows 7 displays the amount of space left under ".For example, when you click a directory in the directory list, youll see the contents of that directory highlighted in the treemap.WinDirStat Is the Best All-Around Tool. Its interface allows you to see exactly whats using space on your hard drive at a glance.
The report can also be generated based on the number of files available in each folder.

On the bottom, theres a treemap view that shows you a color-coded view of whats using space.
Right-click a folder in the directory list and youll see options to quickly delete that folder or drive space usage windows open it in Explorer.