The next game does reveal that the carnival at the end was part of Monkey Island, but considering that was made without Ron Gilbert's direction, it likely wasn't his intention to imply that.
Then there's "Grammy Awards of the Renaissance an "Elvis Lives" prediction of music in tutorial the future, an ambiguous entertainment industry and full adult entertainment industry, and more modern genres of fiction and non-fiction like how-to books, self help books, and romance novels.
Herman: I'm very impressed.
If Guybrush attempts to take the coat hanging in Elaine's room while he's still wearing his party dress, he'll comment that he's "already wearing enough women's clothing." Once he's changed back into his normal clothing, trying to take the coat again will make him studio claim.A Winner Is ultra You : Using the "win the game" call itunes cheat gives you one of these instead of the real ending.Gargle Blaster : As usual, grog is the series' usual example, but this game amps it Up to Eleven with Rum itunes Rogers.'s special home-made grog, with twice the alcohol and calories compared to the usual drink, used for drinking competitions.Other impressions of the game: the out-of-doors full locations in EMI are colorful and tropical, with fantasy-type piratical-themed buildings.Breaking the Fourth Wall : Par for the course.They are alive, and were waiting for Guybrush at an amusement park and sent Chuckie to find him.In Curse, Guybrush reveals himself to be twenty when he shows Dingy Dog his.D, so simple subtraction will reveal his ages in the two previous games.The pirate themed books tend to reinforce the age of piracy as the current time period rather than it all being set in modern day.If you wait long enough, it actually works.This season game has one of the best collections of hilarious best one-liners that I've encountered.Threepwood podcast is a lightweight who has to be creative about it, but it turns out it's not Guybrush's without fault, after all.Thankfully, when he shows up again in the sequel, he's just fine. You can go on gemscool mixing drinks pointlessly, but there's a limit on how much money can you waste so the game does not get studio unwinnable.

The voice acting is very good; the tone never gets too serious or goes over the top with hilarity (well, not often anyway).
There was also a much more elaborate alternate version of the underground monkey island computer game tunnels beneath Phatt Island.
Goofy Print Underwear : Happens twice with Guybrush: once when he lifts up the bone of Marco Largo LaGrande from his grave in Scabb Island Cemetery, and one when he gets knocked out by the gardener for taking a map piece while in a dress.