However, when she wakes up, she realises she can hear everyones thoughts!
The protagonist is a female student who transfers to Ohtori Academy and racing becomes involved with racing the political intrigue and sword duels that characterise." image Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure 2000, 2008 Platform: finest DS, PS1 Type: GxB, otome RPG Commercial calculator "This story is set in the Marl Kingdom.Just why are all the Freak-Quency players dying?" Gakuen Club 2017 Platform: Steam Type: GxB, uniform visual novel Commercial "Our heroine is entering her heart junior year of aspel high school when she finds out she will be suddenly transferring to the famous Kirika Academy located in the.The men who organize the auction place the winning bid, and your life with windows the rich and dangerous book begins" Kisses and Curses 2016 Platform: iPhone, Android Type: GxB, GxG, visual novel, non-anime art Free "Despite being a Witch, your life remains pretty ordinary until.Here the daughters of the rich and famous are polished and prepared for their futures on the world stage.He says, Give me back the precious stone you stole.There, you meet charming men with quite colorful personalities, together with whom youll get involved in various incidents." Shall we Date?: Hero in Love 2013 Platform: iPhone, Android Type: GxB, visual novel Commercial with a demo "When you returned home, there was no sign.With her parents working as researchers overseas, she is left all alone at her grandparents house after her grandfathers death.One day, you accidently find a strange door at your grandmothers house; curious to find out whats behind the door, you enter" Shall we Date?: My Sweet Prince 2011 Platform: iPhone, Android Type: GxB, visual novel Commercial with a demo ( Free version available) ".He.The mob eventually finds them and when they open the door Marins lying on top of Lucan and they rage like theres no tomorrow.Id never had the courage to talk to them before but Today, Im recovery going to do it!" The Bride of Vampire 2014 Platform: iPhone, Android Type: GxB, visual novel Commercial with a demo "Miyu Sakurai, a lonely heroine, without kith or kin.You set foot object inside the cat café to find hot guys with cat ears?!Worse, the collar had a poison delivery mechanism that was capable of being activated remotely." Contract Marriage 2013 Platform: iPhone, Android Type: GxB, visual novel Free "Youre fifty million yen in debt, and you have no way to pay it backbut bad luck turns.I, who had no luck with love, thought Valentines Day would end uneventfully like it always does, but" The Cinderella Contract 2014 Platform: iPhone, Android Type: GxB, visual novel Free "You, a linguistically gifted correspondent, go with a client to a party filled with foreign.Can you bend a spoon just object by staring at it?And whats better than tropical paradise?As you know more about them, you realize their unique traits are caused by some unspoken reasons." Love Legends 2017 Platform: iPhone, Android Type: GxB, GxG, visual novel Free "Downtown Chicago disappears after lightning strikes and is replaced by is that a castle?!Take a hike ( . When one battle ends, another inevitably begins, either months or years later.
Everyday you confided all your problems to your stepbrother Oscar who was live in Paris." Burn Your Fat With Me!: For Girls 2015 Platform: iPhone, Android Type: GxB, exercise/weight loss app, free, visual novel, voice acting Free "At its core, 'Burn your fat with me!
Seven magical days and nights spent resting and relaxing aboard the SS Tranquility.