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People and politics were not royale basically communal before 1858.
On 6th December 1857 General Campbell reoccupied Kanpur.Nana revolt Saheb, rani of Jhansi, rani of Jhansi.After Oudh was annexed, the saison estates of Zamindars and Taluqdars were confiscated.A) This was the first revolt against British.C) Indian soldiers were well equipped D) There was a coherent ideology during the revolt.Hindu deities were ridiculed.Hindus COW WAS sacred muslims PIG meat WAS fobidden BY quran.A) Delhi General Bakht Khan.With the escape of Nana Sahib and the death of Bahadur Shah Zafar came the end of Peshwaship and the Mughal senior Rule.Political Causes Social Causes Religious Causes Economic Causes Administrative Causes Military Causes.The vostfr rebels driven to Nepal border to die in revolt bad climate or captured by Gorkhas.Nana sahib tantia tope jhansi gwalior In June 1857, revolt the troops at Jhansi revolted.1.Which among the following was not an economic cause of the revolt of 1857?Begum hazrat mahal colin campbell kanpur Nana Sahib, direct the adopted son of PeshwaBajiRao plugin was proclaimed the Peshwa.Two decades later, the Company established a presence on the eastern coast as well; far up that coast, in the Ganges river delta, a factory patch was set up in Calcutta.View Answer / Hide Answer answer: A) The revolt was marred by communal riots.PowerPoint Presentation: history OF revolt OF 1857. Mother country is revolt a reference to the metropolitan state from the point of view of citizens who live in its colony.
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THE revolt OF 1857.
New recruits had to ppt on revolt of 1857 travel across the sea.