slaine cocaine and whiskey

Move too quick, you probably all fall from seizures.
Slaine - Cocaine Whiskey (feat.
But I'm activador alive and get the dough sleep on speak recovery 'Cause I can take a vicken and keep on ticking.
They say hes a weirdo but they pay me studio with dinero.Time is softgozar now, I'ma beat 'em over the head.The cards maxed out, your air maxing visa.I even notice my brothers are offline soldiers.I'm a schizophrenic but I'm gonna beat this disease.Bridge will fall and will fuck.Time is now, Ima beat em over the head.Your mortgage for closure, how hard to blow this.I got no fear no more, visual this is my real consequence.Before the day comes, ima make sure you heard of visual me (Hook cocaine and whiskey, keeps me high, so high, cocaine and whiskey, keeps me high, so high (Verse offline 3 i shed tears for what I turn my life.My country raised me to be stupid Drug abusing, high school whiskey drop out student My childhood was gone before I realized that Im building youth less Tryin to raise my kid to be a kid but Im clueless Sometimes recovery I feel my mother hates me and.People call me Cal, it's dolphin now.Barbarian swinging rate swords like Conan 30 and Im trust worthy offline wheres the worthy trust.And all my stress disappear like its David Blaine.Put me on my dead dogs neat you wanna murder. Trip on my shoulders, Im on the tour bus.
I speak for more of us, ye you should believe.
Im offline not a villain but they treat me like a hivo.

They say he's a weirdo but they pay me with dinero.
But Im alive and get the dough sleep on speak.
slaine cocaine and whiskey