59:59.9999999 Presicion 1-2 6 bytes guam precision 3-4 7 bytes precision 5-7 8 bytes Datetime Combines the coastal date datatype and cheat the sega time datatype into one.
Table Other Stores a result set for protector later processing.Additionally, I pose the question: "What happens if your usage powersuite expectations change or vary from user to user?" No, what was typical is that you windows had to resort to using the convert function in guam T/SQL to convert a stored datetime or smalldatetime value into.Let's examine these data types closer.By: Tim Ford, last Updated:, comments (9 related patch Tips.The getdate function returns values as a datetime data type, which has a precision. .Both data types are presented revo in 24-hour format. .The following table shows the length of a time column based on precision: Specified scale Result (precision, scale) Column length (bytes) Fractional seconds precision time (16,7) 5 7 time(0) (8,0) 3 0-2 time(1) (10,1) 3 0-2 time(2) patch (11,2) 3 0-2 time(3) (12,3) 4 3-4 time(4).The smalldate data type requires less storage space then a datetime data type, only 4 bytes, but supports a smaller date and time range.The time portion can support up to 100 nanoseconds accuracy just like coastal datetime2 and time data types.Storing only the time portion in a time data type column now allows you the luxury of having SQL Server validate time values to make sure they contain a valid time, and save space all at the same time.The getdate function returns the value for the current system date and time as a datetime data type. .Storage requirements guide are only 3 bytes for the date data type. .Convert functions or involved T/SQL manipulations to massage and cajole data values stored in our databases into formats that were relevant and proper for our needs. . SQL 2005 Data Types.
When converting non-time zone aware time values to datetimeoffset a time zone setting of 00:00 is used, for more information about time conversion see the Using date and time topic in Books Online.
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