Any changes in GPS availability and accuracy, or in environmental conditions, may impact the hill operation of your TomTom.
Choose ' racing Read outbox messages' to browse through messages that are waiting to be (or have been) sent.
What do I do if I suspect the uniform device is defective?
Tap on ' swimwear Number ' to make a hands-free call.Do not use wizard this product onboard code windows aircraft, or in hospitals, without first obtaining permission.Tapping on this will open the message, without having to use this menu option.Dial out, using contact details retrieved from your phone's SIM full card.However, in the event of a problem you can reset the unit by removing it from the cradle and using a straightened paper clip in the reset hole on the unit's bottom (just behind the release button).Additional front covers What can I do if the DC power lead no longer seems to work?This document contains information protected by copyright.Connecting to your phone (GO 500 and GO wizard 700 users only).When a new message arrives at any time, building you'll see an icon target in the top-left corner updates of the navigation building view.TomTom and the TomTom logo are registered trademarks subs of TomTom.V.You can review the license conditions. You should only ever need to do this if you have swapped cards, maybe to use one of higher capacity, or if TomTom Support provided you with a new version of the program on an upgraded installation.
Consult your vehicle handbook.
(GO data users only) You'll need a small, flat-bladed screwdriver.

To recycle your TomTom GO tomtom canada 310 updates unit, please see your local approved TomTom service centre.
USE tomtom GO only with THE supplied DC power lead AND AC adapter FOR battery charging.
See your phone manual for details.